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Das russische Militär, politische Vorhersagen für 2015, eine Reise von Burundi in die USA, Buzz Aldrin heute und die Rettung des deutschen Internets.

Yes, Russia’s Military Is Getting More Aggressive via Foreign Policy

Perhaps more concerning is the casual, almost careless, display of power in Putin’s Russia. The Russian practice of flying military aircraft in the Baltic without filing flight plans or using transponders — making the aircraft both unexpected by and invisible to civilian air traffic control — shows a reckless disregard for human life.

The End via Giant Bomb – Patrick Klepek verlässt Giant Bomb

One moment does stick out. In the middle of the dance floor, our eyes locked. I don’t know what song was playing, but let’s say it was „Don’t Stop Believing,“ since it makes the story sound way more awesome. Picture that song in your head for a second, okay? Unprompted, and despite our only real social encounter having been a dinner earlier that night, Ryan grabbed me, and tossed me into the air. He spun me in circles for what, at the time, seemed like several minutes. We sang, and he set me down.

Wie die Rocket Beans nach dem Ende von Game One das deutsche Internet retten wollen via Amy & Pink im Gespräch mit Etienne Gardé

Ich höre mich wie ein alter Mann an, wenn ich das sage, aber die jungen Leute sind so unfassbar verwöhnt heute. Jeder will möglichst alles haben, mit dem geringsten Aufwand, das nervt mich. Gerade die Medien-Branche ist so überfüllt. Wir bekommen unfassbar viele Bewerbungen und manchmal kann ich da, ob der Lebensläufe, einfach nur den Kopf schütteln. Die wissen manchmal gar nicht, wie stark die Konkurrenz ist und wer alles an ihnen vorbeizieht.

Love on the Battlefield: Fire Emblem’s Support System via Gamasutra

What’s makes Support so effective is that character development takes place in the field where all the strategic action occurs rather than in a separate world of cutscenes between stages. Furthermore, different characters provide different types of Support stat boosts, so there’s plenty to consider with the match-making. This combination of strategy and story makes characters and their relationships feel real and meaningful within the world of the game.

The Dark Side of the Moon via GQ – Buzz Aldrin heute

He’s a relic of the twentieth century, a snapshot of American glory—of human achievement—living right here in your same life span. He’s a picture in every history book in every language in every country of the world, and every single human being who even thinks about him has the same question. „How was it? How was…the moon? What did it feel like to go to the moon?“

„You Have Thousands of Angels Around You“  via Atlanta Magazine

How one young woman lost her family, survived a war, escaped two continents, and through the kindness of strangers found a lifelong home in Atlanta.

What the Intelligence Community Thought Would Happen in 2015 – in 2000 via Defense One

In 2000, the NIC released the Global Trends 2015 report to figure out how major technological, geopolitical and demographic trends at the turn of the millennium would shape the years to come. The next one is expected to come out in 2016 and will predict the world of 2035.